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                Services Services
                24 hours response
                Online repair
                • *Client’s organization name
                • *Customer Organization Unit
                • *Name
                • *Contact number
                • *device name
                • *equipment number
                • *Whether it is in the warranty period
                • *Contract number
                • *Information about malfunctioning products
                  The content should include: product name, specification model, quantity, product fault description, and other items that need remarks
                • *fault photo
                  Detailed photos such as the instrument’s factory label and damage conditions [providing detailed photos is more conducive to us as soon as possible to determine the fault and deal with it properly]
                  Upload pictures
                  Support extension: .doc .docx .pdf .jpg .jpeg .iai .zip, maximum support 10M
                • *location of faulty product
                • Your suggestions
                Online inquiry
                • *Name
                • *Company name
                • *Contact number
                • *Consulting equipment
                • Other